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About Us


Endeavour Academy is a Free School which opened in January 2018, offering an alternative education to young people in years 10 and 11 from across the County Durham area.

The academy is ideally suited to students who are outside of mainstream education, specifically those experiencing social and emotional issues which may have impacted on their level of engagement, achievement and/or attendance within a mainstream setting.

Endeavour Academy is a small provision based inside East Durham College’s Peterlee Campus. Our staff offer an alternative curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment. We aim to build self-confidence, raise attendance, increase the level of engagement and resolve behavioural issues using a restorative approach. This will be achieved by utilising strategies that provide positive reinforcement, reduce barriers towards learning, develop resilience and close working relationships with parents/carers and other professionals.

Admissions are based on the following:

  • Can Endeavour offer the student a suitable education and support their individual needs?
  • Does the student present with behaviour, both social and learning, that enables them to be safely supported by the provision within the college environment?

Students who pose a significant safety risk to themselves or others will not be accepted at Endeavour Academy.

Endeavour work closely with Job Centre Plus who are timetabled to deliver weekly sessions to all students.  We also access support from the local One Point careers specialist who assist in creating detailed transition plans which are passed to post 16 providers for any student who is deemed at risk of NEET.

East Durham College and Endeavour - Working Together

The Endeavour Academy is found inside East Durham College's Peterlee campus, where students have their own provision away from the main college, which can only be accessed by students and Endeavour staff.

At Endeavour, we work closely with East Durham College as a post-16 provider for our students, encouraging them to go further in education with the wide variety of vocational and non-vocational course routes available at East Durham College.

Students at Endeavour can also benefit from EDC's careers advice service, helping them to pursue the correct courses for their future employment prospects.

For more on East Durham College, and their range of courses, please click here.